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SeaCraft game is the online naval shooter with the original style of the second half of XX century. The game will drive you into the enthralling world of sea battles from equatorial latitudes to northern ices.

Missle and torpedo boats, submarines and submarine hunters, cruisers and battleships and other deadly toys will become your instruments for achievement of global domination in the sea. Dead men tell no tales!

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Doominator HD


Doominator is an arcade pseudo-isometric action for mobile devices combining the best traditions of classic shooters.

Player should try the role of a space marine, who landed on the mysterious Object 001. The contact with the secret laboratory, created under the slogan “the art in technology”, was suddenly lost. The soldier should investigate the weird incident.

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Traffic Hunting


Endless multi-lane runner Traffic Hunting developed for SkyGames studio will bring you to the world of really hot pursuits. Pricy cars, insidious cops, terrifying traps and nitrous oxide directly into roaring engine.. Perfect!

We've provided gameplay programming and technical consultations on UDK use for the project development.

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Hobbit Pinball


Your country is in danger — forces of Evil are coming! To defeat the Orcs King you'll use the REAL Fireball, that was crafted by wise dwarfs in mysterious dungeons! The Hobbit Pinball is the new look at an Old Classic, and we've prepared some really cool stuff for you!

Are you brave enough to accept the challenge?

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